Celebrating 10 years of success

DMTC has a strategic and important role in the Defence innovation system that was envisaged in the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.

As a company, the words capability through collaboration are a great way to sum up our strategic intent. In the context of reaching as significant a milestone as our 10th year of operation, it’s also a useful way to reflect on our activities.

I am immensely proud of the DMTC team for its determined adherence to our collaborative business model. Our industrial partners rely on it, and frequently remark just how much they value it. Our research partners rightly take a lot of credit for their role in it. Most importantly, our Defence customer is the ultimate beneficiary of it. We must never, and never will, lose focus on the mission of delivering for each of these stakeholder groups, as our model of collaboration simply doesn’t work unless each group remains strongly engaged. This is the innovation pipeline in action.

‘Looking back to look forward’ is about learning from both our successes and our missed opportunities. It’s about a commitment to quality and improvement that goes far beyond lip-service.

It’s also about reflecting on our determination to keep the warfighter at the centre of our considerations, and redoubling that commitment in the years ahead. We’re delighted of course with the continued support and commitment of Defence as we work through the detail of our next enabling engagement, alongside our various platform programs which are proving time and again the impact and value of our model.

This Annual Report seeks to recap on the activities that were conducted across the 2017-18 financial year, while also highlighting just a few of the exemplar projects across our decade of achievements. The fact that there are simply too many to name is a great tribute to the work and endeavour of the DMTC team, and the DMTC community at large.

Mark Hodge – CEO, DMTC

Erratum – DMTC Annual Report 2018

Other Publications

In addition to our Annual Report, DMTC periodically releases factsheets and other publications to keep our partners and community informed about our activities.