Annual Report 2023

At our Annual Conference this year there was a distinct sense of anticipation surrounding the impending release of the Defence Strategic Review (DSR). The review team had been given a momentous task, and the sector was readying itself to respond. Some months on from the release of the DSR, and many in the sector are calling for clearer guidance from Defence on the ways forward.

In the face of this uncertainty, I am proud to say that DMTC and its partners continue to deliver.

While our revenue for the year has held firm in comparison with previous years, we and our partners across Defence, industry and the research sector are resolute in our view that there is significant unrealised demand for the collaborative industrial innovation and capability development that occurs through DMTC partnerships.

As such, we have taken deliberate decision to continue and grow activities that we could have otherwise elected to pause. We have also shown the value we place on keeping teams of experts together and maintaining ‘blood flow’ to the sector.

This momentum we carry forward is important to our partners and the sector, but will be just as important to DMTC as we position ourselves to respond when initiatives such as ASCA, the National Reconstruction Fund and the Australian Economic Accelerator move from their establishment phases to being ready to invest.

In the meantime, in both enduring and new areas of activity, we are working together to realise our mantra of ‘capability through collaboration’.

It’s always a real thrill to tap into the energy and collaborative spirit created by events like our Annual Conference. It’s also exciting to welcome new partners to DMTC activities, and to hear about progress in advancing technologies that will make a difference to Australia’s defence and national security.

The information assembled in this Report is, as always, only a highlights reel in regard to the many and extraordinary achievements of our people and our project teams across the reporting period.

I commend the Report to you.

Mark Hodge – CEO, DMTC

Other Publications

In addition to our Annual Report, DMTC periodically releases factsheets and other publications to keep our partners and community informed about our activities.