2020 Annual Report

DMTC’s reputation and credibility in the defence and industrial sector has been hard-earned and demands constant attention. In many respects we stand on the shoulders of our capable industrial and research partners, who continue to work with us to embrace the challenge of capability through collaboration.

Our focus on the breadth and depth of Australia’s industrial capacity to support defence capability outcomes has only been reinvigorated by the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues of resilience and capacity, which Defence has been grappling with for some time, now have a renewed urgency and national focus.

Defence has made renewed commitments to some of the key concepts in the landmark 2016 White Paper and policy suite. Significant announcements about future investment forecasts have been matched by strong support for innovation, sovereign industrial capability and industrially-focused research. In their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Defence’s leaders have also provided brilliant leadership and flexibility in engaging openly, transparently and flexibly with industry, including DMTC, which is gratefully acknowledged.

For me, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced the importance of the concept of ‘line of sight’. With it, individuals, teams, and whole organisations can confidently overcome bumps along the way because they are working towards a shared objective. Without it, trust can be lost, approaches can be fragmented and the bumps along the way can seem insurmountable.

I am enormously proud of the DMTC team and the way that everyone has responded to the challenges that this year has thrown at us. Our partners, too, have risen to the challenge and our collaborations have produced some stunning results, including breakthroughs in technology development and the pivot of existing Medical Countermeasures (MCM) activity to respond to COVID-19.

While this Report focuses on looking back to past achievements, in doing so it provides a line of sight to the future and a great deal of confidence for continued success.

I commend the Report to you.

Mark Hodge – CEO, DMTC

Other Publications

In addition to our Annual Report, DMTC periodically releases factsheets and other publications to keep our partners and community informed about our activities.