Industry Capability

Building Australian Capability

DMTC’s Industry Capability Development Program aims to create a network of ‘Defence-ready’ companies with benchmarked, globally competitive capabilities. It has a strong focus on engaging SMEs in its research and development activities and equipping them to participate in prime contractors’ supply chains.

Participants gain exposure to innovative technologies, best practice techniques and processes and insights into quality, safety and certification standards expected by Defence. The multi-phase DMTC program involves process benchmarking and technology transfer activities with research partners and with support from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) and relevant certification partners.

This multi-phase program aims to build capacity and open doors to opportunities in the Defence sector. It also provides mentoring and evidence-based feedback on what SMEs need to do to improve skills.

Building on previous capacity-building successes in areas such as CNC machining and additive manufacturing (3D printing), current efforts focus on enhancing welding capabilities.

DMTC’s activities focus on development of industry capability, rather than a specific product. As such, platform independent activities (such as welding productivity improvements) can be addressed independently of design or prime contractor selection, by focusing on supply chain improvements and setting context through global best practice benchmarks, standards and quality frameworks.

Future expansion of the Program may address additive manufacturing and casting techniques, and technologies critical to the digitisation of manufacturing.