Enabling Technologies

A strong focus of DMTC’s work for our Defence customer over the decade has been to enhance platform-independent technologies and underpinning supply chains.

DMTC’s Enabling Technologies Program provides scientific and technological expertise in areas where a technology has the potential to be applied across one or more of the land, maritime, air and space domains of defence activity. The work done by DMTC and its industry and research partners is at the leading edge of research and advanced materials development, and opens up opportunities across a broad spectrum of applications and potential commercialisation pathways.

This is extremely challenging but also vitally important work. The combination of research expertise and industrial pedigree is delivering results that promise dramatic decreases in manufacturing time and cost while maintaining or enhancing quality and functionality.

One example is our work on hybrid composite materials for defence applications, that is focused on identifying compounds that are lighter in weight or more durable and versatile while offering comparable or enhanced levels of strength, toughness and functionality.

Realising the potential to apply innovations across traditional industrial boundaries is vitally important to extracting the best value from investments made in research and development activities, and to achieving a genuine capability edge for Defence.