About DMTC

DMTC was established in 2008 under the Australian Government’s Defence Future Capability Technology Centre Program. Our role in the Defence innovation system, specifically through the Defence Innovation Hub, was confirmed and extended through the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.

With the closure of the establishment contract in 2015, activities have commenced under the new Innovation Hub contract furthering our expertise in the air, land and maritime sectors.  In addition, DMTC has embarked on a number of activities involving new technology fields such as medical countermeasures and high altitude space sensors.

Collaborating through DMTC allows Australian industry to leverage our existing relationships with Defence and research agencies, and build their supply chains.  DMTC’s standardised approach to contract management and our project oversight role removes an administrative burden for companies and allows industry partners to direct all resources to realising project outcomes.

DMTC supports Australian defence capability by advancing the knowledge and technical capability of Australia’s defence industry. Through collaborative research projects – involving industry and research partners – critical technologies and capabilities are being developed that address key defence challenges and drive capability outcomes to meet Australia’s national security objectives.

Historical data suggests that the bulk of DMTC project activities fall in the range from Technology Readiness Level 3 (TRL 3) to TRL 7-8.

TRL graph from annual report