Enhancing technological maturity in maritime supply chains

A focus on advancing new technologies and building Australian industry capacity is needed if the goals of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan, released by the Australian Government in 2017, are to be fully realised.

The continuation of DMTC’s decade of work on technologies relevant to Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise and repair is funded by Defence’s SEA 5000 Program Office, but is concentrating effort and attention on technologies that can be adopted and utilised in a range of programs across the shipbuilding enterprise.

DMTC’s role to deliver industrially-ready and relevant technology outcomes for the sector involves coordination with the overall Defence S&T Plan and close collaborations with a range of stakeholders including Defence, industry primes and SMEs and research institutions.

These stakeholders are working with DMTC to deliver breakthroughs and innovations in manufacturing, to develop and integrate new cost-effective technology and to enhance skills and capacity across Australian supply chains.

DMTC, through its industry and research partners, has demonstrated capabilities in naval shipbuilding and associated technologies and is well placed to provide significant expertise to a reinvigorated Australian naval and maritime sector, including both surface ship and submarine programs.

In 2017-18, projects within DMTC’s Maritime Program achieved a number of significant technology developments, ranging from technical breakthroughs in material development to on-board trials of prototype products and the creation of sovereign industrial capability in critical areas.