Over the past decade DMTC has sought through its Air Program to address a range of key challenges facing the Australian defence industry in the manufacture and sustainment of aircraft components and systems.

In this way, DMTC and its partners are enabling the Royal Australian Air Force to optimise the management of its in-service fleets while also preparing to capitalise fully on the high technology systems being acquired to deliver air superiority into the future.

Our work is a reflection of what the RAAF is doing with its Plan Jericho initiatives – ensuring that innovation is matched with discipline and focus. Our program efforts are also closely monitored to ensure alignment with DST’s technical objectives and with Defence’s overarching airworthiness requirements.

Successive DMTC projects in the Air Program have delivered technological breakthroughs, and developed and embedded new technologies and capabilities into supply chains. Over the decade, the pendulum has swung from a concentration of activity around advances in machining, to our current work on advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques.

Working with new manufacturing techniques and new materials involves a progression through identifying, understanding, enhancing and then certifying them to meet the demand of our Defence customer for high integrity, high value and high performing components.

DMTC’s work is focused on building the underlying capacity and competitiveness of Australia’s national industrial base, supported by research expertise and knowledge.