Supplier Continuous Improvement Program Award for “Most Improved”

DMTC is proud to have been presented with the “Most Improved” award as part of the Enterprise Connect – Supplier Continuous Improvement Program. Presented at the Defence and Industry Conference in Adelaide, the award was bestowed for demonstrating the most improvement between cycles in diagnostics scores for Business and Office Excellence.

DMTC’s Continuous Improvement Program ensures that R&D projects are conducted, and will continue to be conducted, in a manner that maximises value for money for partners and Defence.

DMTC would like to thank Enterprise Connect and in particular the Defence Industry Innovation Centre facilitators that have worked with DMTC over a number of years. Their expertise and guidance in implementing Continuous Improvement programs has been invaluable and ultimately lead to the success of our program.

Posted by DMTC on July 29th, 2014