Same direction, new crew for HSSA

Health Security Systems Australia (HSSA) has confirmed plans for the impending transition of the division’s leadership.

Dr Leigh Farrell, who has been involved with DMTC since 2015 and has led the division since its establishment in mid-2021, will soon step down from a full-time role and continue with the Division in an advisory capacity.

Dr Felicia Pradera, currently HSSA’s General Manager, will be the new Head of HSSA with effect from 1 January 2024.
HSSA’s mission – to lead and manage collaborative programs that enhance the protection of military and civilian personnel faced with chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) threats, emerging infectious diseases and pandemics – is unchanged.

In recent months, the HSSA team has also been joined by Dr Emma Prato to lead the Medical Countermeasures (MedCM) Program, Dr Maryanne Spiers to lead projects in the Modelling & Simulation and Sensing Systems programs, and Mark Druss to boost the division’s analytics and program management capabilities.

The full text of the 12 December media release is available here.

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