Rapid diagnostic platform technology commended at Land Forces 2022

A DMTC-led collaboration has been awarded a High Commendation as part of the prestigious Land Forces 2022 Innovation Awards on the first day of the Exposition in Brisbane.

The award of a high commendation recognises the effort of Health Security Systems Australia (a division of DMTC), in partnership with BioCifer Pty Ltd, CSIRO and academic partners University of the Sunshine Coast and The University of Queensland, to develop a rapid diagnostic platform technology that is accelerating point-of-care detection of bacteria and viruses, and providing a capability advantage for deployed ADF personnel. By focussing on addressing the need to build Australian capability in rapid, accurate and low-resource disease detection, this novel technology aims to detect and diagnose multiple pathogens including COVID-19, Nipah virus, Dengue virus, Hendra virus, and bacteria possessing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which are of concern to both civilian and ADF personnel who travel or are deployed overseas.

Under the leadership of Dr Joanne Macdonald (founder and Chief Technology Officer, BioCifer Pty Ltd) the multi-institutional team has successfully developed a novel technology that utilises a simple three-step procedure for pathogen detection that requires no specialised equipment – accelerating the accurate detection of bacteria and viruses outside of the laboratory environment and providing a crucial capability advantage for deployed ADF personnel.

The success of this project would not have been possible without the dedication, of all partners, to active engagement and collaboration. The close working relationships formed between partners has resulted in an agile and effective network of expert researchers across multiple organisations.

The success of this initiative is yet another example of DMTC’s commitment to building ‘capability through collaboration’. With our partners, DMTC look forward to continuing efforts to accelerate the progression of this technology, with the aim of advancing Australia’s manufacturing, research and development capability, in turn improving outcomes for national defence industry.

Posted by Patrick Crosling on October 4th, 2022