Protecting people: DMTC announces new research project

The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) has signed a research agreement to conduct a new $200,000 project on personnel protection.

DMTC develops and delivers new materials technologies and manufacturing processes to enhance Australia’s defence capability by adopting a collaborative approach between Defence, defence industries and the research sector.

The new research project will investigate protective attire and equipment for Defence personnel, including protection from ballistics.

Participants will include the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), which will contribute $120,000, the Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) and Australian Defence Apparel (ADA).

Robert Peile, Business Development Manager, DSTO Business & Commercialisation Office said DMTC provided an excellent vehicle for collaboration.

“From our perspective, the DMTC provides scope for us to access to both know-how and background IP that we would not otherwise be able to access,” he said.

“It allows us to manage IP on a project by project basis,” added Tom Radtke, DSTO (insert position).

“The benefit of undertaking this project within DMTC is that it leverages the full range of partners’ skills, competencies and capabilities.  And we’re able to link the industry partner into the defence opportunities that are available through DSTO.”

The new research will establish the technical direction of a more comprehensive supplementary program in Personnel Survivability which is expected to evolve from the new project. 

Research activity will be driven by existing defence capability requirements as articulated in the 2009 Defence White Paper.

More specifically, DMTC sees opportunities to develop new materials, manufacturing technologies and systems that will enhance or maintain individual protection while improving on weight, bulk and utility. Such solutions would also seek to maintain or reduce life cycle cost and improve modularity and upgradability.

DMTC currently has four primary research programs – Air Platforms, Maritime Platforms, Propulsion Systems and Armour Applications.

About DMTC: DMTC is a joint venture between defence industry, universities and government research agencies focused on enhancing Australia’s defence capability through the development of new materials and manufacturing technologies.

About DSTO: The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) is the Australian government’s lead agency charged with applying science and technology to protect and defend Australia and its national interests. DSTO delivers expert, impartial advice and innovative solutions for Defence and other elements of national security.

About VCAMM: The Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) is a one-stop-shop interface which allows industry to maximise the potential for knowledge and technology transfer from and to the research community.

About Australian Defence Apparel:  Victorian-based ADA creates and delivers superior apparel and sophisticated armour to military and civilian authorities.

Please contact Jasmine Smith, DMTC Communications Manager, for further information or interview requests. Email or phone: (03) 9214 4775 (direct) / 0439 034 562 (mobile).

Posted by DMTC on February 4th, 2010