Prime acknowledges value of long-term collaboration with DMTC

The CEO of Thales Australia, Chris Jenkins, has paid tribute to DMTC’s support in the development of detailed mathematical models for blast loading, which in turn have led to enhancements in the functionality and performance of Thales’ Bushmaster and Hawkei vehicles.

Chris said:

“In Thales Australia we run a substantial self-funded R&D program, which is developing new capabilities that challenge our staff to further develop their STEM skills. An excellent example is our long collaboration with the DMTC through which we have developed highly sophisticated models of how our protected vehicles, Bushmaster and Hawkei, perform under blast loading. These models are highly mathematical, need to be run on very high-end computers and also require research into the performance of materials subject to blast loads. Indeed, the efforts of the DMTC and Thales teams have been recognised through the Eureka science awards.”

The article appeared in a recentĀ APDR feature on the importance of STEM disciplines in Defence.

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