New DMTC project bringing medical and industrial expertise together

DMTC Limited has announced the commencement of a new project under Round Three of its Medical Countermeasures Program. The project will advance the development of a new Australian antibiotic by partnering its developer, Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals, with manufacturing experts from CSIRO.

Early stage trials have shown the drug Ramizol® – developed by Perth-based company Boulos & Cooper – to be effective against Clostridium difficile infection (or CDI), an increasingly common hospital-acquired infection in both military field hospital and public health settings.

Boulos & Cooper has demonstrated that Ramizol® is particularly active against Gram-positive bacteria, and is also chemically stable in a variety of conditions, reducing storage and transportation costs and increasing its potential to be safely and rapidly deployed to remote locations.

As a key partner in the DMTC team, experts at CSIRO Manufacturing will trial innovative continuous-flow processing techniques to create the desired compound and also to demonstrate the capacity to scale up the manufacturing process in future.

Full Media Release (PDF)

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