New collaboration with ASC and CSIRO on submarine repair tech

DMTC is working with Australia’s dedicated submarine sustainment organisation, ASC, and the CSIRO  to pioneer the use of additive manufacturing for the repair of Collins Class submarines.
The partners have joined forces to further develop ‘cold spray’ technology for repairing damaged metal surfaces, to enable the future in situ repair of submarine components.

Successful development of the cold spray technique for this specific maritime application will allow Australian submarines to remain at sea for longer, without the need to dock for lengthy repairs.

Cold spray is an additive manufacturing and repair method that uses a stream of supersonic gas to accelerate metal powder particles at a surface, building up a dense deposit. The innovative process occurs below the melting temperatures of the metals involved, which avoids damaging the structural integrity of the components and surrounding area.

ASC Chief Executive Officer Stuart Whiley said: “It’s vitally important for ASC to be on the cutting edge of submarine sustainment innovation, to continually improve Australia’s submarine availability to the Royal Australian Navy service. The use of additive manufacturing for the repair of critical submarine components, including the pressure hull, will mean faster, less disruptive repairs for our front line Collins Class submarine fleet.”

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Image (c) ASC Pty Ltd Used with permission

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