Nanofibre technology shields against toxic chemicals

Exciting prospects lie ahead for the nanostructured fabric project, funded through the Defence Innovation Hub. While previous protective systems have relied on multiple layers of fabric, the DMTC team’s approach demonstrates that individual protective elements can be combined into a single integrated fabric system with enhanced utility, fit and comfort.

The multi-layer textile structure protects the wearer from airborne hazards travelling into the fabric while maximising comfort by remaining fully breathable, allowing heat to travel out of the fabric. The DMTC team comprises industry and research partners including Bruck Textiles, NZ SME Revolution Fibres, DST Group, CSIRO and RMIT.

Next steps on the technology development journey include continuing to improve the thermal comfort and taking the suit system design to prototype garment production.

Read more of the team’s story on DST Group’s website here.

Posted by Harry Baxter on June 8th, 2018 Tagged: , , , ,