Marking a milestone in collaboration successes

Marking fifteen years of working with a diverse and talented partner group, DMTC has released a video highlighting the successful innovation outcomes achieved through its enduring partnership with one of its partners, Melbourne-based Sutton Tools.

The true success of DMTC’s portfolio of projects and the valuable collaborations we have led are reflected in the outcomes sought and achieved by our government, research, and industrial partners.

Leveraging the expertise of our partners, DMTC has made significant advances in sovereign technology development, played a pivotal role in bolstering the capabilities of Australian small businesses, and made substantial investments in industrially-focused innovation across multiple disciplines.

Sutton Tools and DMTC have enjoyed a longstanding partnership spanning both transformative R&D projects and practical, hands-on technology transfer initiatives. According to Peter Sutton, Managing Director at Sutton Tools, one of the key strengths of the DMTC relationship “is that it is a partnership that isn’t specific to a product or a market but rather about developing industrial capability.”

We look forward to many more years of working with partners like Sutton Tools to drive homegrown, Australian-made innovation in advancing technologies and knowledge for the benefit of defence and national security sectors.

The video is available to view on Youtube.


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