Expertise in collaboration recognised

DMTC Limited has achieved what we believe is an Australian first, being awarded accreditation against the International Standard for Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems (known as ISO 44001).

The ISO 44001 Standard can apply to collaborative business relationship management systems in  organisations of any size. The accreditation process involves detailed scrutiny of management systems but also of organisational culture and relationship management practices.

The 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement highlighted that collaboration was needed between Defence and industry but also in the industry-to-industry and industry-to-research context.

DMTC CEO, Dr Mark Hodge, confirmed the milestone as part of his remarks at the 2019 Defence+Industry Conference in Canberra.


(l-r) Dr Mark Hodge receives the ISO 44001 certificate from Dianne Gibert, Managing Director of Certex

“The accreditation against the ISO 44001 Standard sits very neatly alongside our ISO 9001 accreditation that we achieved in 2017, and against which we have continued to pass follow-up audits with flying colours,” Dr Hodge said.

“Taking the two together, our commitment to quality and collaboration signals our determination to expertly manage resources, processes and outcomes even amid all of the complexities involved with multi-partner, high-end technology development activities.

“This means better, more transparent management of resources. It means optimising outcomes. It means continuing to improve our ability to leverage our capabilities. It means better ways of working together and it means that our partners can work together with confidence.

“While we believe we are the first, and we are delighted to be the first, I do hope to see many others in the Australian defence sector follow our lead.”

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