DMTC to enhance Personnel Survivability

Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) has been successful in its proposal to the Federal Government to undertake a new program focusing on Personnel Survivability. Minister for Defence the Hon Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Materiel the Hon Jason Clare today announced that the Government has approved the Personnel Survivability program, which is now expected to commence later this year.

Personnel Survivability is a new 5 year program which will deliver a range of improved materials, manufacturing processes and technology solutions to enhance the operational effectiveness and survivability of Australian Defence personnel. The program aims to reduce the burden to personnel by decreasing the weight, bulk and cognitive awareness of the equipment being worn while maintaining or increasing the level of protection enabling them to perform their duties with minimal hindrance.

Focusing on improving the mobility, survivability and sustainability factors that affect personnel, Personnel Survivability will contribute to saving lives and increasing operational effectiveness of Australian Defence personnel. Areas of research will include:

– Ballistic, Blast and Flash Protection
– Signature Reducing Activities
– Environmental Threats
– Utility, Fit and Comfort
– Human Systems and Injury Modelling
– Integration with Mounted Operations

This research will further enhance the work being undertaken by the Integrated Solider Systems group (also known as Diggerworks) within the Defence Materiel Organisation.

In addition to the benefits to Defence personnel, this Program will contribute to the further development of Australia’s defence industry and the enhancing of indigenous industrial, commercial and academic defence capabilities.

The federal Government will provide in excess of $9 million towards the program through the Defence Materiel Organisation and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, with the sector already committing in excess of $11 million.

DMTC CEO, Dr Mark Hodge is delighted with the news: “this represents a significant outcome for the broader defence sector, including of course the companies and research sector organisations that committed their support to the bid. We’re most grateful for the support and commitment of our partner organisations, and of course that of Defence, which was the final piece of the puzzle, allowing each party to leverage contributions from the others through DMTC’s collaborative business model.”

Personnel Survivability will be managed by DMTC using the successful collaborative model currently used for existing DMTC programs.

Established by the Federal Government as the first Defence Future Capability Technology Centre (DFCTC), DMTC focuses on delivering new materials technologies and manufacturing processes to Australia’s defence industry which will in turn enhance industry’s ability to supply high priority products and services to Defence. By acting as the link to industry in developing capabilities that are relevant to Defence requirements the DMTC model enables Defence and industry to work together to address critical capability issues while preserving Defence’s need to remain objective in procurement and tendering processes.

The addition of Personnel Survivability to the programs already being run by the DMTC confirms the relevance of DMTC in linking Defence requirements to the development of indigenous commercial opportunities. DMTC has become a resource for industry to understand how its ideas and capabilities can fit with Defence requirements and for the transitioning of these capabilities to commercial reality.

Tony Quick commented that “DMTC is demonstrating the delivery of research and development to meet defence needs across a number of program areas and we all look forward to making a real impact in this critical area.”

DMTC invites further interest from the sector to participate in the program. The Program will be operated in a similar manner to DMTCs existing programs, and requires co-investment from partners. Exact funding will be decided on a case by case basis.

For further information please email or phone: (03) 9214 4447.

To view the joint media release from Minister for Defence the Hon Stephen Smith and Minister for Defence Materiel the Hon Jason Clare click here.

View a pdf version of the DMTC media release: DMTC to enhance Personnel Survivability

Posted by DMTC on June 14th, 2011