DMTC Research wins Thales Australia manufacturing excellence award

DMTC is delighted to announce that the research program in offline programming of automated welding has won Thales Australia’s “The Darryl Page award for Manufacturing Excellence” at Thales’ Annual Awards function on 13 November.

The research has led to increased implementation of offline welding technology in Thales’ production environment since the program commenced. Thales has noted that, although initially scoped for implementation on the Bushmaster Utility Vehicle, the flexibility of the code has led to its adoption for the Bushmaster troop variant and implemented to achieve an continuous improvement from 30% to 80% since program commencement.

DMTC notes in particular the superb work of University of Wollongong researchers, Stephen Pan and Nathan Larkin in leading the development of this technology that has substantially improved productivity for a key industry partner of the Centre.

Posted by DMTC on November 18th, 2012