DMTC Exhibits Maritime Program Expertise at Indo Pacific 2023

DMTC Ltd will again have a presence at the upcoming Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition in 2023. In the lead up to the Exposition, DMTC is releasing a series of snapshots showcasing the accomplishments of our Maritime Program over the past 15 years.

A not-for-profit company, DMTC is a trusted partner of Government within the Defence Innovation Ecosystem. With specialised expertise in managing multi-party collaborations, DMTC is integral to the de-risking and industrialisation of complex, asymmetric capabilities. The DMTC approach to innovation involves leading collaborations that bring together Government, industry and research partners to develop sovereign industrial capability and supporting technical expertise in areas aligned to the requirements of Defence and national security agencies.

Our services can be summarised into four key areas and are underpinned by our ISO9001 and ISO44001 accredited Project Management and Collaboration Framework. This allows DMTC to expedite delivery of capability into the hands of the warfighter.

To learn more about DMTC, we invite you to visit us at the DMTC pod located on the Defence Stand (1D11) on the Indo Pacific trade floor. Alternatively, request a meeting with us via this link.

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Sovereign Capability at Scale

A national team of experts will advance an innovative biopolymer particle-based platform technology to develop vaccine candidates to protect against biowarfare threats including Q Fever, tularaemia, and melioidosis.

Health Security Systems Australia (HSSA) is engaging with leading scientific experts from across Australia, led by Griffith University, including the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory in Geelong, the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the University of Western Australia, and industry partner BioCina Pty Ltd, an Australian-based global biologics Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). (more…)

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Key steps to advance vaccine manufacturing technology

Emerging Australian biotech company Sementis is engaging with Health Security Systems Australia and Australian universities to enhance the ability of its existing vaccine manufacturing technology to pivot, scale and rapidly deploy in response to emerging health and biosecurity challenges.

The initial 12-month collaboration with Sementis will draw on the company’s long-standing partnership with the University of South Australia as well as expert researchers from the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University and The Australian National University.


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Rapid diagnostic platform technology commended at Land Forces 2022

A DMTC-led collaboration has been awarded a High Commendation as part of the prestigious Land Forces 2022 Innovation Awards on the first day of the Exposition in Brisbane.

The award of a high commendation recognises the effort of Health Security Systems Australia (a division of DMTC), in partnership with BioCifer Pty Ltd, CSIRO and academic partners University of the Sunshine Coast and The University of Queensland, to develop a rapid diagnostic platform technology that is accelerating point-of-care detection of bacteria and viruses, and providing a capability advantage for deployed ADF personnel. By focussing on addressing the need to build Australian capability in rapid, accurate and low-resource disease detection, this novel technology aims to detect and diagnose multiple pathogens including COVID-19, Nipah virus, Dengue virus, Hendra virus, and bacteria possessing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which are of concern to both civilian and ADF personnel who travel or are deployed overseas. (more…)

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