High curvature armour (Dec 2017)

A key objective in soldier combat systems, particularly protective equipment, is the balance between protection, comfort and mobility.

This project is assessing the feasibility and design of shape-specific body armour systems. It is expected to provide an industrial capability for forming of ballistic materials into more complex shapes, giving increased protection and comfort, including provisioning for frontline female combatants.

Led by industry partner DefendTex, this project is one example of the potential commercialisation opportunities from a new and innovative DMTC platform technology known as double diaphragm deep drawing or simply D4 (patent pending).

DMTC expects to see commercialisation opportunities being pursued by multiple industrial partners in Australia along different proprietary pathways and technology extensions.

D4 offers a range of process and performance enhancements including spliceless production, adoption of next-generation materials and reductions in manufacturing cycle times. There are likely to be opportunities to further advance these technologies in both military and civilian applications for both Australian and export customers in the future.

The project team comprising industry partner DefendTex and research partners DST Group, Deakin University and BMT has worked on the curing of laminates and modifications to tools design and materials.

These extensions of the D4 technology are expected to realise higher production efficiency, trial new temperature control and quenching methods and overcome known challenges with adhesion and fabric surface treatments.