Dr Mohammad Mehdizadeh

The Durability, Functionality Assessment of SHM Systems in Multi-functional Composites – RMIT University

Dr. Mohammad Mehdizadeh was awarded his PhD degree in 2014. His dissertation reports on the development of novel techniques to assess the functionality and reliability of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems in multifunctional composites. The performance of multifunctional composites can be affected by the degradation of their subsystems. SHM systems have emerged as a feasible method with which to improve the reliability of multifunctional structures. However, the reliability/functionality of a SHM systems can be affected by erroneous information from its sensor and actuators (transducer). Improving reliability requires a new capability to delineate failures associated with transducer network from the damage in the structure being monitored. The aim of this research was to establish techniques/technologies to provide this capability to address the main gap in the certification of SHM systems. Dr. Mehdizadeh’s work was directly related to DMTC Project 2.3 – Technology Development for Multifunctional Composite Structures.

Three novel techniques were presented to address various damage/degradation scenarios in the transducer/structure. The strain-based method provided a delineation technique to detect damages when transducer and composite structures are subjected to fatigue loading. The electromechanical-impedance-based technique established a methodology which makes it possible to continue using degraded SHM systems to delineate various damage scenarios. The sensitivity of piezo-fibre transducers to electromagnetic interference, which was not previously reported in the literature, were employed to not only detect the transducer damage but also identify the degraded subcomponent i.e. Piezo-fibres, electrodes.

Dr. Mehdizadeh will be looking to expand his research in smart multifunctional composites into more complex applications. He has recently completed an advanced program in Sustainability Management and Lean-Six-Sigma and he is willing to implement these concepts into his research work. Dr. Mehdizadeh is currently working as a Design/Project Engineer at an Aerospace/Defence Company in Canada where he is using his academic knowledge of advance composites on R&D projects from world-leader Aerospace/Defence Companies. Dr. Mehdizadeh`s career goal is to become a professor at one of the leading educational institutions in the world.