BAE Systems Australia, DMTC to partner on Hunter Class developments

BAE Systems Australia’s commitment to significant investment in capability and technology as part of the Hunter Class future frigate program has been reaffirmed by Chief Technology Officer Brad Yelland, speaking at DMTC’s 2019 Annual Conference.

Mr Yelland reiterated that BAE Systems Australia will be establishing a Digital Shipyard and would transform the way shipbuilding is done in Australia, and putting us in the position of a world leading shipbuilding nation.

Our Australian Industry Capability Plan was one of the strengths of our SEA 5000 proposal and now we are focused on implementing it.

“Our relationship with DMTC will play a significant role in realising our Hunter AIC Plan,” Yelland said.

Image courtesy of BAE Systems Australia

“Our design and build techniques leverage the digital world through our virtual ship concept. We have already established relationships with a number of Australian Universities with a focus on shipbuilding of the future, leveraging such concepts as Factories of the Future and Industry 4.0.

“We have established relationships between Australian Universities and those in the UK doing similar research and capability development, further strengthening our transfer of capability into Australia.


Posted by Harry Baxter on March 26th, 2019