Anti-microbial resistance – a growing and global threat

Writing for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Felicia Pradera and Maddy Walters explain the role of DMTC’s national Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Program in tackling the growing threat posed by anti-microbial resistance.

The OECD has estimated that nearly 10% of infections in Australia are antimicrobial resistant and that an average of 290 people die each year due to multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. It forecasts that this number is likely to grow significantly in coming years.

DMTC’s MCM program is undertaking applied R&D in this pivotal civilian and military area. The MCM program deals with both defence and public health concerns and encompasses a vaccine, therapeutic and diagnostic response to chemical, biological and radiological threats, emerging infectious diseases and pandemics.

The DMTC program has been backed by funding and ongoing support from CSIRO and the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group through its Next Generation Technologies Fund.

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