Human Integrated Sensor Systems

RFP Release

The HISS RFP is now closed.


In collaboration with DMTC, the OCE STaR Shot wishes to enhance warfighter capability via the application of advanced biotechnology and data analytics to measure and interpret indicators of chemical and biological (CB) exposure from the human body.

DMTC and DSTG are working together to seed a self-contained program of work to advance the Human Integrated Sensor System (HISS) concept. In August 2021, DMTC released a Request for Information, with a view to scan the Australian scientific ecosystem for key capabilities, technology and expertise that could contribute to the HISS.

The vision is to create a HISS that:

  1. Amalgamates outputs from wearable on/in body sensors with advanced data fusion and analytics approaches
  2. As a system, assimilates both subtle and overt sensor derived cues of Chemical/Biological (CB) exposure/infection
  3. Identifies the threat within hours of exposure and gives the wearer warning well before deleterious symptoms begin to manifest.

To achieve the proposed vision, a hybrid sensing approach is required where targeted biochemical analytes, rapid physiological changes and physical measurements are all considered in response to a CB exposure/infection. Analytics approaches will need to handle data of differing format, temporal resolution, and uncertainty, and be required to identify patterns of exposure from the complicated baseline of normal bodily function, normal progression of infection and responses to non-CB threat external stimuli.

The HISS will allow countermeasures to be enacted with greatest effect while also buying crucial time for key operational decision making. The theatres of useful application are broad and potentially extend to missions involving Navy, Army and Air Force personnel. There will also be significant civilian opportunities across the health, first responder, industry occupation health and safety and law-enforcement sectors.

The RFP release was part of the Department of Defence’s Operating in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Environments (OCE) STaR Shot. It is one of the core future focused problems Defence and DSTG are prioritising as part of the More, Together Defence Science and Technology strategy – the sort of problem that can’t be solved alone or without significant advances in science, technology and research. DMTC and DSTG want to collaborate with industry and academia to solve this challenge.

HISS Webinar – 1 November 2021

On 1 November DMTC hosted a webinar to provide further context and direction for industry and academia on the now closed Request for Proposals (RFP) which was released later that day.