Postgraduate Study Opportunities

DMTC maintains a strong focus on supporting Masters, PhD and postdoctoral researchers through its portfolio of project activities. Masters and PhD candidates are typically engaged to investigate specific challenges within larger collaborative projects involving Defence, industry and research partners. Discover postgraduate research opportunities that enhance Australian sovereign industrial capability here.

Current Opportunities

University of Sydney | PhD Opportunity (Characterisation of Relaxor Ferroelectric Single Crystals in Support of Crystal Growth, Utilisation and Compositional Development) – Supervised by Professor Julie Cairney…[Click for more]
Australian National University | PhD Opportunity (Understanding the defect-local structure-property relationships of piezoelectric ceramics) – Supervised by Professor Yun Liu … [Click for more]
ANSTO | PhD Opportunity – FutureNow Plus Scholarship (Development of Multi-Scale Models to Simulate the Laser-based Additive Manufacturing Process for Energy, Aerospace and Defence applications) … [Click for more]
University of Wollongong | PhD Opportunity (Relaxor-PT ferroelectric crystal growth and property characterization) – Supervised by Professor Shujun Zhang … [Click for more]
University of New South Wales | PhD Opportunity (Characterisation of high-strain single crystal piezoelectric material systems) – Supervised by Associate Professor John Daniels … [Click for more]