ATSE Elevate Scholarships

ATSE Elevate Scholarships

DMTC are partnering with the Australian Academy of Technological Science & Engineering to help deliver the ATSE Elevate: Boosting Women in STEM Scholarship. The Elevate program, led by ATSE and supported by the Department of Science, Industry and Resources commenced in 2023 and will award up to 500 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to women in STEM.

If prospective Elevate scholars are interested in the projects listed on our Postgraduate Research Opportunities page, please contact DMTC or the corresponding PhD supervisor to discuss further.

Students not eligible for a RTP scholarship are encouraged to apply for a postgraduate Elevate scholarship for study in applied research. More information about the Elevate scholarship is available via ATSE’s FAQ page.


DMTC Guest of the Chair Fellowship

In April 2023, DMTC and ATSE announced Elevate scholar Ms Yang-Ming Goh as the inaugural recipient of a DMTC Guest of the Chair Fellowship.

DMTC designed the Guest of the Chair Fellowship as a mentoring experience that facilitates an Elevate Leader scholar to gain board-level experience within Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

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L to R: Georgina Ovin (Elevate Program Administrator), Yang-Ming Goh (Elevate Leadership Scholar), Alison Every (Elevate Program Manager), Harry Baxter (Head of Government Relations, DMTC), Lily Attwood (Elevate Postgraduate Research Scholar) and Scarlet Kong (Elevate Advisory Group, DMTC). Photo: Steve Keough